Have You Lost a Ring Down a Drain?

Have You Lost a Ring Down a Drain?

As y’all surely know, rings are precious jewelry items that people wear to symbolize love, commitment, or even just as a fashion statement. Often they can even be highly cherished family heirlooms.  We recently had a call from a client who thought she lost her wedding ring. Rings are small and can easily slip off fingers and fall down drains, resulting in lost jewelry and a sinking feeling that it may never be retrieved.

When a ring is lost down a drain, it can be difficult to retrieve. The first instinct is to use a plunger to try and force the ring back up, but this can often make the situation worse by pushing the ring further down the pipe. Alternatively, some people may try to use a coat hanger or a pair of pliers to fish the ring out, but this can scratch the metal and damage the pipe.

In some cases, a professional plumber may need to be called to retrieve the lost ring. They have specialized tools such as drain snakes, which are long, flexible wires that can be inserted into the drain to retrieve small objects like rings. If the ring has fallen down a sewer drain, a plumber may need to use a camera to locate the ring before attempting to retrieve it. PlumbSmart has this kind of sewer pipe camera that we use on every job to show clients the condition of their pipes.

Preventing rings from falling down drains is the best solution. One way to do this is to remove rings before washing hands or doing dishes. Another way is to place a strainer over the drain to catch any small items that may fall through. Taking these simple precautions can prevent the loss of precious jewelry and the need for expensive repairs.

At PlumbSmart we know that losing a ring down a drain can be a frustrating experience and if you're pulling your hair out just give us a call at (828) 761-6921 and we can do our best with our expert equipment to retrieve your lost ring before it disappears forever.


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