Video Line Inspections

Sewer Line Camera & Video Inspections

Just as doctors can "scope" the inside of your body with modern technology, the licensed professionals at PlumbSmart can use that same technology to find the source of your problems and assess the conditions of your plumbing system.

We use specially designed waterproof cameras that allow our plumbing professionals to perform a full visual inspection of underground sewer lines and pipes (even the ones encased in cement and concealed beneath your home’s foundation!) without digging huge trenches or causing major damage. This enables us to quickly and accurately diagnose any problems and offer effective solutions.

To discuss your plumbing system repair needs, call PlumbSmart today at (828) 761-6882.  We have same-day appointments available.

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Non-Invasive Sewer Blockage Assessment

Our expert plumbers rely on the footage from a video line inspection to properly diagnose and repair:

Bellied pipes


Broken or cracked pipes

Grease buildup

Indications of corrosion

Leaking joints

Offset pipes

Suspected root intrusion

Sentinel Video Line Inspector from PlumbSmart

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We can also offer a 12 Month, No Payment, No Interest Option.