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Traditional Hot Water Heaters

we offer comprehensive hot water heater repair and installation services.

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Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Use less energy on these economical and environmentally friendly options for your home.

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Hybrid & Heat Pump Water Heaters

Simply move heat around to generate warmth rather than sourcing its own heat.

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Hybrid / Heat Pump Water Heaters

Hybrid & Heat Pump Water Heater Repairs & Services

Heat pump heaters, or hybrid water heaters are electric style heaters with a small heat pump mounted on top. Unlike traditional water heaters, heat pump water heaters simply move heat around to generate warmth rather than sourcing their own heat. Therefore, their energy usage is significantly less than a traditional water heater. To maximize their efficiency, we aim to install heat pumps in a warmer room since it naturally seeks warm air to foster.

You can think of a heat pump as the opposite of your refrigerator’s cooling system. Instead of pushing warm air out and pulling cool air in, the heat pump pulls heat in and further heats the air. Heat pumps can be installed as an integrated system with a built-in water tank, or our plumbing experts can reconstruct a heat pump to work with a standard water heater.

Homeowners typically prefer to have geothermal heaters installed since these devices accumulate air from the ground in the winter which aids in warming the inside air temperature. One primary advantage of this system is the option to have a desuperheater installed. A desuperheater is compatible with a tankless water heater and uses excess heat to warm the water rather than wasting it. It heats water from the heat pump, then circulates to either the water tank or tankless heater.

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If you would like to explore the option of having a heat pump or hybrid water heater installed by a certified plumbing company that’s local to Asheville, NC, give PlumbSmart a call and one of our team members will gladly assist you!

Below are some key advantages to having a heat pump water heater installed:

Compared to a standard electric heater, the savings can be up to 70% greater.

By consuming quality, healthy water, you should notice improved quality of life.

The low operating cost offsets the price of the heat pump itself.

Recycles the surrounding air and warms it, rather than generating new heat.

Must be installed in a room/location that doesn’t dip below 40ºF and doesn’t get hotter than 90ºF.

Looking for a no interest option?

We can also offer a 12 Month, No Payment, No Interest Option.